Do you ever say, I’m going to start traveling more and then a year goes by and you went nowhere? Life… amiright? Well this year we’re making a change, and I have to give a big THANK YOU to my awesome husband, Terrance. He has booked a romantic cruise for the two of us to the Bahamas and we’ll be heading out in just under a month! We NEED this – time alone, yes, please!!

Hallelujah! I LOVE the beach!

You guys, I am SO stinkin’ excited for this! My husband and I have not had over 2 hours away from our little one since she was born (she just turned two years old yesterday **ugly cry**, and now we’re going for 3-4 days. Pray for us and my baby’s separation experience. Who are we kidding – and MINE! lol

Although we will be gone over the weekend and Monday, Dragos will be here and ready for any situations you may have, outside of design requests. All design requests will be handled when I’m back in the office on February 11th.

So the dates that I’ll be unavailable are: Feb. 7-10.

Terrance Sterling and Stacey Sterling
Our last beach getaway – ALONE! Hello Cancun!

Just a side note here, I appreciate all of our loyal clients, most of which whom have become friends, and want to say thank you for making things like this possible. I’m blessed to be able to stay home with my children and it’s all because of YOU! So thank you. xoxo

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