Vacation Cancelled

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.  

We’ve been busy working on several projects and our upcoming vacation is being put on hold to get our orders out.  BOO!  But yay for the business, right? 🙂

iCreativeMedia Vacation NoticeOriginally we notified everyone that we would be away from May 2-7 for a lovely  Cozumel getaway however both Dragos and myself (Stacey) will be here during this time for business as usual.  We’ll keep everyone posted on when we get to re-schedule this amazing trip and will give plenty of notice so you can get your requests in and fulfilled before we leave.

Hey! As an added note, we’ve opened a sister-company – Semo Ink – and are now offering vinyl decals (yep, the ones you put on the back of your car windows) and screen printed apparel! Got a tshirt idea? Contact us and we can design it AND print it for you!!

Thank you for  your continued business!

Stacey – CEO / Designer for iCreativeMedia

Screenprinting, vacation