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I’d have to say that pretty much 80% of our business comes from the youth industry.  A lot of eco-friendly, natural parenting businesses use our services and we’ve made a name for ourselves in that field.  That’s great!  But it’s also refreshing to do “other” things as well isn’t it?  🙂

This website is a bit on the personal side for myself.  The website I designed here was for my personal trainer.  I’m a little biased, BUT, he is the absolute best personal trainer around.  You’ll find my story on his website if you have a free moment to read it.  Hopefully it inspires you if you are in the same situation that I was in.

The Sterling Effect - Personal Trainer Website Design

So back to the design – this site was built on a WordPress platform to maximize the client’s ability to edit the site himself, if he ever decides to do so.  Wordpress is beautifully built on the back-end to be very friendly to clients that may not have time to “learn a new program” and it’s great because it’s absolutely FREE.  Umm…yes…beautiful!  😉  You do have to keep up with the updates to protect your site’s integrity, however, it’s a fab CMS and what we primarily use for all of our non-ecommerce website clients.

Client link:  The Sterling Effect

Project completed: May 4, 2012

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