Often times our clients will have a fancy, very detailed logo and then find out that once they start printing that logo they are running into really high printing costs.  Simple is better when it comes to branding.  If you find yourself paying outrageous costs for screen printing due to all of the colors in your logo, you may want to simplify it down to a more manageable rate.

Here’s an example of a logo we created for Luvaboos a few years back.  Today we took that logo to a black and white version to help them save the cost of printing their shopping bags.  Still super cute, just more cost efficient!

If you happen to need screen printing, we do that too!!!  🙂  Contact us to get your logo printed up on tshirts, bags, koosie cups or whatever!

Luvaboos Cloth Diaper Logo design

Client link: Luvaboos  •  Luvaboos on Facebook


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