Rebranding – If you’re not happy…

Are you completely happy with your logo?  Shouldn’t you be?  I mean, it IS your company’s identity isn’t it?  Well guess what….we weren’t 100% happy with our logo / branding either so we made the leap and rebranded iCreativeMedia!  Woohoo!  Here’s our snazzy new logo:

iCreativeMedia Logo 2012

So let’s see how long we stay happy with it!  I’d say we’re going to like this one for a long time.  We do NOT plan on rebranding again as it does take some effort to get all aspects redone such as your business cards, print media items and web graphics.  As designers our projects usually sit on the back burner for months, sometimes years, just as the shoemaker that has holes in his soles, we too have waited on this redesign for a long time.

We hope you like our new signature!  Simple.  Creative.  Modern.  Love it!

— iCreativeMedia Team

Branding, Logo Design