Packaging design for AMP Diapers

AMP Diapers is one of our clients that we work with daily.  They are based in Winnipeg, Canada and we must say, we absolutely adore them!  This week we designed two new packaging labels for the new AMP Diapers release.  One Swim Diaper hang tag and a Belly Band Wrap Design for the new All-in-One Diaper.  The owner of AMP Diapers wanted to keep the design very simple and to the point.

Hang Tag Design

Swim Diaper Hang Tag Design - Front side in English - Back side in French

Packaging design in Canada is a bit different as they must have the same size lettering for the English language as well as the French.  IF you use both languages on the package of course.  This can be a little challenging on the clutter-side of things if you have to have all of the information on one side like we do in the belly band design here.  It’s much easier to “keep it clean” on the hang tag design since we have two sides to place each language on.

Belly Band Design - Packaging Design

Client Link: AMP Diapers  |  AMP Diapers on Facebook

Project completed: April 3, 2012

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