We’re so excited to release a project we’ve been working on for a few months now. Kanga Care is live on a brand new platform and boasting a super clean & fresh new look! www.kangacare.com

So what did we do here exactly? Well we started with a fresh, new look for 2021. Put them on a shiny, even fancy, e-commerce platform, Shopify. Gave them a bunch of cool apps to make their customers have a wonderful shopping experience and cleaned up all of the products, descriptions and such that were on the old site. OH, and we gave them a cool new reward program setup. Is that it? Well, no, but that’s some of it!

We’ve been working with Kanga Care for many years and know exactly what they need to succeed. Not just clients, but personal friends (and kinda more than that actually – Julie, the CEO, is like my un-birthed twin lol). It helps to have someone you’re working with that just “gets you”. We take pride in our work but it’s always something more than a job when it’s with people you know and love.

One other thing I absolutely LOVE about working with Kanga Care is their eye for design and good photographs.

I’m here to tell you, photos sell!

You want to have a great online business?? Make sure you have great product & lifestyle photos to sell what you’re listing on your site. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… no one wants to buy your super cool product that you have laying on your kitchen table, propped up on a juice bottle. Ummm… no! Don’t do it!

Aside from that, of course you need the right e-commerce platform and more but presentation is key. Not many people actually read these days (in fact I’ll be surprised if you made it this far in my post!) so be sure you look “amazing” online and you’ll do great things!

Now go…. visit the new KangaCare.com site and oooo and ahhh over it – then go ahead and buy something from these wonderful people. 🥰

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