We launched a new wholesale website for Kanga Care last month to streamline their process even more. They were working with two different shopping carts to accommodate the retail and wholesale side of their business, but that gets a little hairy and turns into a royal pain after a while.

Training employees on two systems that are constantly changing and before you know it, things aren’t getting updated as they need to be. So, that has to change! And it has. 🙂

Wholesale and retail on the same cart.

Since this is a wholesale website, you would need to have an account to gain access to the inside. For that reason, we won’t be posting images of the inside contents of their website, however, if you go to their retail site, we’ve designed the wholesale to go hand in hand with their retail branding. Your wholesale and retail site should look like they belong together, but have enough difference that your customers do not get confused when shopping.

Confused customers = less sales

Easy is best. The harder you make things on your website, the more calls you’ll need to field and less sales that will come in. No thank you!

Have a business you need to take online – or just get a refresher for your current website? You’ll need the right e-commerce platform and more. Contact us and we can help you set up your wholesale or retail business on a shopping cart that fits your needs.

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