A little history…. I grew up in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri. Literally just right “across the bridge” from one another. We lived in a little town in Illinois that didn’t have much employment or, for the matter, a grocery store or a gas station. So we shopped in Missouri and lived in Illinois. Not really fancy, to say the least. We didn’t have much of anything growing up but I do believe that builds character so I’m not mad about that at all.

When I was younger my family moved to West Palm Beach, FL and it was like…. oh man…. it was like WOW! It was AWESOME! I always loved it and really enjoyed each and every day there. I remember having a pool party on my birthday, which is November 28th, so that was super cool. Where we moved from, it’s freezing in late November so this was quite the change! One that I never wanted to end.

I Love. Love. Love. Florida!

Unfortunately my family decided to move back to the pits of hell, oh my, I mean back to the little hick town we were from, and ended all of my sunny Florida dreams.

It’s ok though, I had to come back here to have my children and meet my gorgeous husband. I had my share of bad relationships, bumps and bruises in the ole’ personal life (who hasn’t), but finally, finally, I have what I’ve always wanted: a wonderful husband that loves the Lord (this is so important kids) :: some of the cutest, smartest kids in the world (8 kiddos ranging from 26-3 whoa) :: and a cute little puppy (Asia, our french bulldog).

But wait, we’re still here in a place where none of us want to be. Well…. NOT FOR LONG! We’re out of here folks!

My son, Logan, is going to college in Florida this fall on a football scholarship (insert super proud mama moment also mama that will be in the fetal position when he leaves) and the rest of our family will be moving down to the Tampa Bay area. This all happens at the end of May once Logan graduates from high school. We do have a couple of family members that will come later on, my daughter when she finishes her RN (go Chels!) with my granddaughter (yes I’m a grandma but I do NOT look like it lol – London is 5, just 2 years older than my youngest child) and fingers crossed my mother, brother and mother-in-law follow in the next year.

I could not be more excited for this move!

So with all of this being said, we will be closed for design from May 28th to June 2 while we transition to our new paradise. If you’re an existing client, no worries! Dragos will still be around to handle all issues that may arise – if you need help with your stores / sites or anything like that. This is only design related jobs that will be paused for a little under a week.

If you believe you will need design tasks done during this time, please submit requests a little earlier than usual and I’ll take care of you! I know this is a struggle for some of my clients, as they wait until the last minute (I feel you…. I feel you… I have the same problem lol) but we’ll get there!! If I have to stay up the night before, you know I will. 😉

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