Why should small businesses do marketing through social media?

Well, first and foremost, your customers are on social media. Many of them are on social media for several hours each day.

70% of people in the USA have at least one social media profile.

That number is increasing daily of course. Since pretty much the majority is on social media, then this is the perfect place to put your product or service in front of them.

What’s even better? Most of the time, it’s absolutely FREE to do so! You may have to hire a social media marketing professional (like US!) if you’re really not sure what you’re doing, but the marketing process itself will cost you ZERO!

Free advertising? Yes, please!

Guess what else social media marketing could help improve?? Your search engine rankings. Who doesn’t need that?? Sign me up!

The more people are talking about your product / service, the better! Whether that be on social media networks, blogs or other websites. The more your name is mentioned, the more your product is “out there”.

But HOW do I market my “stuff” on social media?

If you don’t know exactly what to do to market your product or service on social media, no worries, we are here to help you get rolling!

So here’s what we do:

  1. First we evaluate your social media presence. Do you have your Facebook page set up correctly? Have you acquired your Facebook vanity URL? Do you have a look that matches your website? How about your Twitter account?? Are you tweeting everything that posts on Facebook automatically? These are very basic and important things to start building your presence on and they must be completed first before trying to drive more traffic your way.
  2. Setting up our game plan.  We plan out what we’re going to do to gain interest in your page. You’ve probably asked everyone you know and their mama to follow you by now and that’s just not going to cut it. You need more likes.  Likes build confidence when others visit your page.
  3. Gaining more followers and in turn more sales. How do we do this? Well the more interest there is in your company, the more traffic, the more sales. It’s a chain effect.

What does it cost? We have a few packages to choose from. We can do more if you wish but the packages will give you a starting point as to what this may cost. If you want us to do more then we’ll bill hourly instead of doing a package type of plan with you.

Social Media Packages

Ready to get started? Send us an email if you’re unsure of what you need, otherwise, feel free to purchase one of our social media marketing packages.

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