Happy International Women’s Day to all of you ladies out there! March 8th always makes me think of all of the wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years. There have been a LOT, especially since we have been so prominent in the baby industry for so many years.

I’d like to take a few minutes and just recognize some of the amazing women that I work with on a daily basis and have for many, many years. When I think about how many years I feel like, no way can it be that long because we are NOT that old!! lol.

These ladies are amazing why??? Because not only are they wives, mothers (some to several kids – up to NINE as a matter of fact) but also because they run their business like it’s the only thing they do! I’m not trying to discount the guys here but these women that juggle their home, kids AND a thriving business, well, they’re just a different breed and I’m so so honored to work with these ladies. They are inspiring, fierce and on a mission to change things and be role models to their beautiful children. Talent ooooooozes from them. They are kind, funny and just all around awesome people to surround yourself with – beautiful on the inside and out! These are not just clients to me, they are friends…. family.

These ladies inspire ME on the daily!

Ok here it goes, and I’ll order them in alphabetical order since I cannot possibly put them in order of “love” because I love them all so much. ❤️

Annie Cote

Annie Cote – AMP Diapers & CuddlyWrap
Annie is the creator of AMP Diapers, PeachyBaby and owner of CuddlyWrap in Winnipeg, Canada.  Superwoman would probably be an understatement for Annie.  She just birthed her ninth baby last week, yes, you read that right!!  An amazing woman and passionate mother.  She has nine beautiful children, seven of which are at home, and runs the three businesses I listed above… PLUS she is also an amazing photographer.  I’ve always enjoyed working with Annie.  She’s a very genuine and honest person that has a huge heart. I’m always amazed by how well put together she is, even with the challenges of being there for family and running a warehouse / storefront in Winnipeg, AMP Diaper Store. I’ve always been in awe of Annie and am so thankful to work with someone so sweet.

Julie Ekstrom

Julie Ekstrom – Kanga Care
Julie is the creator of Kanga Care, Rumparooz, Lil Joey, EcoPosh and Lil Learnerz cloth diapering products in Golden, Colorado.  She is mama to five super cute kids that are full of energy.  I really admire Julie for the way she juggles LIFE, the kids, her business and stays present online for her customers.  She connects with them like no other I’ve ever seen.  With love.  She’s a talented graphic designer and creates all of the fun prints that appear on the Rumparooz and Lil Joey diapers.  I’ve always loved working with Julie for many reasons.  We have the same style and vibe so it’s really easy to mesh with her.  We always joke and say she is my twin, because really, she is!  Maybe not by birth but if I’m thinking it, she is thinking it! I swear we live the same life on the daily. Julie is very kind, loving and so so much fun.

Kelly Wels

Kelly Wels – CBD Serenity Store
Kelly sets the bar for being the ultimate entrepreneur. Back “in the day” she built one of the most successful and well known cloth diapering websites, Kelly’s Closet. If you were in the cloth diapering industry or shopping for cloth diapers, you knew who Kelly was! She’s been very influential in the industry and known as the go-to source for information on the topic. Kelly is also the author of Changing Diapers, another project that we worked with her on. She sold her diaper business some time ago and has since opened up CBD Serenity Store. We can’t wait to watch her explode in this industry. If anyone can do it, she can!! Every business she touches turns into a success! Kelly is mama to four wonderful children and is based in South Paris, Maine. I’ve always said, Kelly is on another level business wise. She knows what it takes to be successful and has no problem working for it! What a great person to work with and be inspired by!

Shellie Gardner

Shellie Gardner – Christmas Light Source
Shellie is the owner of Christmas Light Source in Fort Worth, Texas.  She is a former engineer so her mind is very technical and always going!  I can relate to that so much and am very much the same.  Her and I together can be interesting sometimes lol, we bounce all over the place with our conversations but know exactly where we are and can get the job done, and well.  She’s so fun to work with and has so many ideas. We’re getting ready to embark on a huge project together and I’m honored she chose me to do it. Shellie is mama to 2 fun boys and she’s an absolute genius.  A kind soul and super personable. She recently went to bible college so has been juggling that, her business and her home life. Amazing! Shellie is super fun to work with and if you’ve never done it, check out some of her cooking videos. You’ll be sure to laugh as you learn! She’s hilarious.

So today, I’m just so blessed to be able to work with these amazing women and even more. There are other women I could note, but today, I just listed the ones I work with on a daily basis. Soooo… if you’re not on here and we used to work together a lot more – I probably miss you. 😉

Happy International Women’s Day ladies. I think the world of you all!

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