We’ve been working with the marketing manager at Guaranteed Returns for many, many years. While she’s been employed by GRx as well as her own business that she built from the ground up. We love working with Donna and her team at GRx daily. I should say nightly as well, because they seem to work around the clock! Whew! This actually works well for us because our hours tend to be “all day” as well so whatever works right?!

Here’s what the website looked like before we came in with the redesign

Before Screenshot of the GRx Website

Here’s what the website looked like after the redesign

After Screenshot of the GRx Website

Besides the home page redesign, we did a makeover on the inner pages of the website and structure as well. Some of this is still on-going at the current time.

When you want to do a makeover on your website, don’t get overwhelmed if you have a TON of content and pages – just take it step by step. Start with the core design (the template or “frame” of the website) with a new look – apply that to the website and work on the inner pages as you go along. You’ll most likely find that once you start the redesign process, there will be more that you’ll want to change than you originally anticipated, and that’s fine! Just take it piece by piece and get it all right!

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