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Ok Kanga Care, I see you!

We’re so excited to release a project we’ve been working on for a few months now. Kanga Care is live on a brand new platform … Continue reading

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New Wholesale Ecommerce Website for Kanga Care


We launched a new wholesale website for Kanga Care last month to streamline their process even more. They were working with two different shopping carts … Continue reading

Moving to the Tampa Bay Area – Hello Florida


A little history…. I grew up in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri. Literally just right “across the bridge” from one another. We lived in a … Continue reading

International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day to all of you ladies out there! March 8th always makes me think of all of the wonderful women I’ve worked … Continue reading

Guaranteed Returns – GRx – Gets a NEW Look

Web Design

We’ve been working with the marketing manager at Guaranteed Returns for many, many years. While she’s been employed by GRx as well as her own … Continue reading

Kiddie Care Website Launch

Web Design

This daycare in New York was in need of a major update. Their site was pretty outdated and was something that they could not manage … Continue reading

Vacation Notice for Feb. 2020


Do you ever say, I’m going to start traveling more and then a year goes by and you went nowhere? Life… amiright? Well this year … Continue reading

Marketing on Social Media Makes Sense

Social Media

Why should small businesses do marketing through social media? Well, first and foremost, your customers are on social media. Many of them are on social … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Promotions

Print Media

Should we be doing promo preparations for Valentine’s Day already? It was JUST Christmas…. the answer is YES! Be prepared. Get them designed, printed and … Continue reading

Sterling Business Card Design

Print Media

When you’re dealing with business cards you really should keep things simple.  Remember, you’re not writing a novel here, you’re just wanting the other person … Continue reading

Promo Cards for Customers


Everyone likes to get something for nothing…. am I right? Promo cards can bring in repeat business and new business for you and they’re definitely … Continue reading