When you’re dealing with business cards you really should keep things simple.  Remember, you’re not writing a novel here, you’re just wanting the other person to CALL, TEXT or EMAIL you, right?  You can explain anything you need to on the phone or via email rather than caking it all on your business card and making it look:

  1. Cluttered
  2. Overwhelming
  3. Ugly – no nice way to say it!
Sterling Effect Business Card Design

Depending on what your company has set up already will depend on what you put on your card.  If you have a website then most definitely add the web address.  Your website should contain most of the information your business contacts will need to hire you for the service you’re soliciting.  In a nutshell you should include the following so you can be contacted:

  • Name
  • Website (adding a qr code can be quite handy here)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • BRIEF blurb about your service offered

One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving a business card from someone that has tried to cram every little bit of information on the card that they possibly can.  I take one look at it and think, do I really want to read all of this?  I just want to call the guy….do I really need to know everything he can do all on one card?  I typically get a feeling of being overwhelmed by the card and lay it down – never to be picked up again.

Just remember – keep it simple.  Give them the contact info they need and let your website tell them everything they need to know.  If you don’t have a website – they probably just need to call you and you can fill them in on everything you can do for them. 😉

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