As we come to the end of this year it’s always good to look back and appreciate all of the business that has come our way.  This year brought about a LOT of changes in our normal clientele. 

We typically service 90% cloth diapering / natural mothering businesses, however, this year that has changed dramatically.  There are still a few cloth diaper companies on our client list, but we’ve moved into other directions as well.  We were blessed to do quite a bit of work in the Christmas Lights and Party Lights industry as well some Liquor and Pharmaceutical industry design and development work as well.

No matter what type of company you have, we’d love to take a look at your project. 

For many years we made a name for ourselves in the youth industry but with time comes change and whatever comes our way, we are SO thankful for our clients.  Thank you, thank you!

Much success to you all in the New Year!

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