Semo Ink Biz Cards

I’ve been known to have one too many irons in the fire at all times. That’s just how I am made I guess. So here’s what’s new around our neck of the woods. My husband and I have ventured into screen printing and vinyl decals for your car windows. Yeah, those clever little stickers on the back of the window advertising your business or some smart comment (lol) – that’s what we’re making these days.


We’ve outsourced these services for years for our clients and our own business and finally decided to take the leap into the business ourselves. With my background in graphic design it was a no-brainer really. Half of the job is already done most of the time since my clients already hired me to do their logo or special t-shirt graphics. Now we’re just printing in house which is offering them a more customized experience and quicker turn-around.

Instead of running this all under iCreativeMedia, we have branched off into Semo Ink. It’s still the same people you know (and hopefully love) from iCreativeMedia, just with a separate division to keep things straight book-wise. We always have to think on the tax end of things don’t we? :)

So in a nutshell, here’s our new division’s business cards. Look for an upcoming website this next month as well.

Creative Software

Curious about file formats? We use the Adobe Creative Suite. Our designer, runs a MAC...of course! Our coders check compatibility in all major web browsers.

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