Updating Your Website in Small Doses

Sure, you’d like to be able to afford a full website re-design but you cannot afford it at the moment.  Or maybe you just do not have time to research and dedicate to reviewing all of the work that needs … Read More

Twitter Bird Graphic Freebie

Here’s a little freebie for you. You can use this without giving me credit, HOWEVER, it is greatly appreciated if you do happen to link back to iCreativeMedia and give us a shout if you do use the graphic. You … Read More

OAMG Website Project

Now THIS was a fun project! I really loved working with Tony of OAMG and getting an opportunity to show off his work and gorgeous models. You could say this was an easy one, after all, all I did was … Read More

The Sterling Effect Website

I’d have to say that pretty much 80% of our business comes from the youth industry.  A lot of eco-friendly, natural parenting businesses use our services and we’ve made a name for ourselves in that field.  That’s great!  But it’s … Read More

Rebranding – If you’re not happy…

Are you completely happy with your logo?  Shouldn’t you be?  I mean, it IS your company’s identity isn’t it?  Well guess what….we weren’t 100% happy with our logo / branding either so we made the leap and rebranded iCreativeMedia!  Woohoo! … Read More

Packaging design for AMP Diapers

AMP Diapers is one of our clients that we work with daily.  They are based in Winnipeg, Canada and we must say, we absolutely adore them!  This week we designed two new packaging labels for the new AMP Diapers release. … Read More

My Baby Experts Business Cards

First let me just say that these folks are GREAT to work with!  Very quick to respond to designs and they come prepared with enough information for each project!  The key to a great client / designer relationship is knowing … Read More

The Eco Chic Blog Gets a Fresh Facelift

  This was a fun little project for Calley over at The Eco Chic.  Over the past 5 years The Eco Chic blog has evolved and improved and this year Calley wanted to take it to the next level.  We … Read More

Keep it Simple – Business Cards

When you’re dealing with business cards you really should keep things simple.  Remember, you’re not writing a novel here, you’re just wanting the other person to CALL or EMAIL you, right?  You can explain anything you need to on the … Read More

Full Page Magazine Ad for Niagara Baby

This morning I completed an ad that will appear in the next issue of Niagara Baby, a canadian baby magazine.  The ad is for Lisa over at The Cloth Diaper Shop.  This is a full page ad and although I … Read More